Monday, 18 January 2010

rock me in the water

Avi Buffalo What's In It For (Sub Pop) 7"
Linda Ronstadt Different Drum (Capitol) LP
Fleetwood Mac Gypsy (CBS) 7"
Altered Images I Could Be Happy (Epic) 12"
R.E.M (Don't Go Back To) Rockville (IRS) 12"
Jackson C. Frank Blues Still Run The Game (Castle) CD
Devon Williams Suffer (Slumberland) 7"
The Antlers Bear (Frenchkiss) 7"
Adam Schmitt Demolition (Parasol) CD
Headless Heroes Remixes (Names) 12"
Television Marquee Moon (Elektra) LP
The Young Accuser Unsound (Sub Pop)7"
Razorcuts Storyteller (Creation) LP
Television Little Johnny Jewel (Elektra) 12"
Anemones Vicious Attacks (Great Pop Supplement) 7"